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Finishing wheels, abrading and finishing in one operation. Great savings of time and effort, to achieve an excellent result with a single pass.
Similar to a fiber disc but with a much superior finish, more control and greater durability.
It does not clog on aluminum.
In mechanics it is used to abrade welds and remove burrs. For stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, fiberglass.
Very suitable for construction of boats and yachts (propellers, welds, fiber parts).

The coarse grain is equivalent to an 36 in abrasion and an 60 / 80 in finish.
The fine grain is equivalent to an 60 / 80 in abrasion and an 150-180 in finish.

Fiber Finishing Wheels
Ø Forum Grits
115 22 36 5,10 10 13.300
180 22 36,80 8,39 5 8.500

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