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About Us Rosver Abrasivi

The Rosver Group distributes abrasives for professional use all over the world from the 1961. Our headquarters is in Sesto San Giovanni, in the province of Milan.

Our flagship brands are Fast Grinder (professional products for abrasion, finishing and polishing of metals) and Fen (specific abrasives for working marble and stone).

fast grinder

The FAST GRINDER line covers all professional metal abrasion, finishing and polishing processes. We are specialized in stainless steel processing and welding removal with subsequent abrasion masking, so that the surface is homogeneous.

The FAST GRINDER range also offers numerous solutions for the processing and finishing of aluminum, such as our new Flap disc for aluminium (DLA) which removes the weld without clogging or the Inox cool unitized ( CWA ) disc which allows to mask the traces of abrasion and give an excellent finish at the surface.

Our another Brand FEN Abrasivi have a range of specific abrasives for marble and stone processing, FEN Abrasivi is an integral part of the Rosver group after the 2015 acquisition in December, and it is over 50 years old.

FENFLEX semi-flexible discs, FENSPECIAL discs, fiber-reinforced discs and silicon carbide abrasive discs for polishing of marble. Cup-shaped bakelite abrasive grinding wheels for marble and granite, bakelite rings for edge grinding, compressed non-woven discs for polishing marble, stone and granite, flexible diamond discs and corresponding pads. Silicon carbide lamellar wheels and wheels, felt discs on fiber to polish marble with the relative abrasive pastes.

Fen Abrasivi

Here's what It distinguishes us

Since 1961

We have a experience of almost 60 years of working with abrasives. An internal team of 30 people and a network of 21 agents in the Italian territory who regularly visit tools and hardware stores.

Best value for money

Our customers have identified the best quality / price ratio, that is why they are buy from us (anonymous 2018 December online survey for customers only). Our Abrasive products are made for professional use.

All right away.

We deliver our products immediately with top quality for professional abrasives users

We are your warehouse

Large quantities of product always available for immediate delivery.

6.000 square meters of warehouses in the province of Milan, a logistically strategic junction, allow us to guarantee speed and efficiency.

A wide range of products

Over 12000 active references. All you need to start abrasion, polishing or finishing immediately. Even the most particular ones.

SOS Abrasive

We process orders normally in 48 hours (but for special urgencies, it is better to consult us).









Our team

Our Team is our strongest point. Their faces are at the base of our organization. They take care of offering you our services, managing your requests from beginning to end, cooperating to guarantee the result that you expect.

Mario Veronese

Sergio Veronese

Marco Agostoni

Gianfranco Magnelli

Valerio Pozzati

Cinzia Marotta

Angela Miola

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