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Rosver Abrasives

Rosver is a company founded in 1961 for the production, import-export and distribution of abrasives, marketed in Italy mainly through the tool and hardware channel.

With the acquisitions of Monti Antonio in 2004 (accident prevention company), the opening in Bulgaria of an abrasive transformation in 2014 and the acquisition of FEN in 2015, the company now operates both on the Italian and international market.

In Italy the group is made up of 48 people, including 28 employees and 20 agents.
The reference sites of the group ROSVER are

For abrasives
For accident prevention
Abrasives for marble and grinding wheels

Our products are aimed at professional and industrial use. The recent pandemic has led us to supply personal protective equipment to a very varied type of customer, with the need to expand the range with products that have become essential in the fight against the virus.

fast grinder

The FAST GRINDER line covers all professional metal working processes such as deburring, finishing, polishing. We are specialized in stainless steel processing and in particular weld seams removal and surface treatments, in order to achieve the best surfaces finishings.

The FAST GRINDER range also offers different solutions for the processing and finishing of aluminum, such as our new DLA flap disc which removes welding without clogging or the Inox Cool CWA unitized disc that allows to remove any scrap and provide an excellent surface finishing.

The FEN Abrasivi line is featured by a range of specific abrasive tools for marble and stone processing, FEN Abrasivi is an integral part of the Rosver group after the acquisition during December 2015 and its activity is 50 years old.

Semi-flexible FENFLEX discs, FENSPECIAL discs, fiber-reinforced and abrasive silicon carbide discs, for polishing marble. Abrasive wheels with bakelite cup for marble and granite, bakelite rings for edge polishing, compressed non-woven discs for polishing marble, stone and granite, flexible diamond discs and relative pads. Silicon carbide flap discs and flap wheels, felt discs on fiber to polish marble with the related abrasive pastes.

Fen Abrasivi

Our Strengths

Since 1961

An experience of almost 60 years of activity. An internal team of 30 people and a network of 21 agents in the Italian territory who regularly visit tools and hardware stores.

We are your warehouse

Large quantities of product always available on stock for immediate delivery.

6.000 square meters warehouses close to of Milan, a logistically strategic junction, allow us to guarantee speed and efficiency.

Best value for money

Our customers have identified in the best quality / price ratio the main reason they buy from us (anonymous online survey of December 2018 reserved for customers only). Our products are made for professional use.

An unmatched product range

Over 12000 active references. All you need to cover your working needs immediately. Even the most particular ones.

Everything and immediately

We deliver our top quality products immediately to our professional abrasives users

SOS Abrasive

We deliver orders in 48 hours (please consult us for any particular urgency)









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