What are the abrasives and what are they for?

An abrasive is a material of a certain hardness and density that allows other materials to be processed by removing the material itself. For example, one of the most common operations that can be done with abrasives is the polishing of a surface or the polishing of the same. They can also be used for many other purposes.

Abrasives are classified according to hardness, grain size and abrasive material. Each of these variables affects the final result. Choosing the right abrasive is essential to achieve the desired result.

What they are made of

Abrasives are of natural or synthetic origin. They are distinguished mainly by their degree of hardness. It is said that one material is able to abrade another when one touches the other at their contact. Their degree of hardness is measured using special scales (Knopp, Mohs, etc).

The hardest abrasive material present in nature is the diamond. There are also other materials of both natural and synthetic origin, such as silicon carbide, corundum and zirconium. These do not reach the same hardness as the diamond, but they are very close to it.

To make an abrasive, a support is needed to adhere the abrasive powder. The most used supports are paper or canvas. Resin or glue is then used to fix the abrasive. The main abrasive tools are made this way. Examples are abrasive paper sheets (also known as sandpaper), abrasive strips and more. To create complex instruments such as discs and flap wheels, slightly more complex procedures are required which involve the use of industrial machinery.

What they are used for and how they are used

Abrasives are mainly used for industrial processing. They are particularly important in the metallurgical and automotive sectors. Many common objects are made thanks to the use of abrasives. Try to think of the bodywork of a car. The pieces that make up a car are welded together, creating burrs in the metal junction area. The removal of welding burrs is an action that takes place through the use of abrasive materials.

On the other hand, artisans and professionals also use abrasives to perform certain operations. For example, carpenters and carpenters use the abrasive to smooth and finish parquet surfaces. Furthermore, there are widespread artisan artists who use abrasives to create furnishings or works of art. The artists shape and cut stainless steel thanks to abrasives. With the right tools you can create extraordinary works of art. The abrasive is the ideal means to refine these works. Thanks to the abrasive it is possible to give the finished works an imperfection-free finish and obtain a glossy or matte surface according to your needs.

Shape, grain and size

Different abrasive instruments correspond to different types of processing, and for this reason there are discs, wheels, wheels, cutters and various files. They differ mainly in shape, size and grain.

Choosing the right abrasive shape is essential for working a surface. Using the most suitable abrasive helps considerably to achieve the desired result. For example, both flat and conical abrasive discs can be used on flat surfaces. The first offers a more aggressive abrasion on a narrow surface, while the second allows you to work on a larger surface and with greater precision. To work on corners or shaped surfaces it is recommended to use cup-shaped abrasives.

The grit thickness of an abrasive affects the cleaning speed and the pattern produced. Abrasives with a grain between 8 and 16 are generally very rough. They are suitable for giving the surface a deep pattern. From 20 to 40 (medium grain) abrasives are considered for general and very varied purposes. Finally, the abrasives with grain from 120 up are those with a fine grain and are mainly used for finishing.

They are also available in various sizes, so as to adapt to the instrument you have and to the work that must be performed.

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