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Machine designed to sand the walls effortlessly, quickly and easily.
Made for easily accessible surfaces (for high walls we recommend the LPM version). It is light and very convenient. It connects to a very easy to use and effective suction system, which, combined with the use of abrasive cloth discs, allows sanding with less dust in the environment and provides an anti-clogging effect on the disc itself, which can quickly and easily be changed once exhausted thanks to the hook and loop system.

The powerful 1200 watt motor is equipped with an electronic speed stabilizer and a rotary speed selector, for an even better finish.
It is the ideal complement to the LPM and uses the same abrasives: alternating the two machines you can work in the areas that are easy to reach and in the high and uncomfortable areas with the LPM.
Bayonet adapter included which allows the connection of the machine to any vacuum cleaner.

Hand Held Wall Sander
Potenza N ° Idle revolutions Sizes Ø Max Weight
1.200 watts 650-1.300 / min 560x255x221mm 225 mm 3,0 Kg

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