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Hook and Loop system kit for the highest quality finishes

Flat kit Ø115 - Item SVK-P:
1 PST Pad Plane
1 Ceramic disk VDK Gr.100 Floor
1 3M Trizact ™ disc for TDV Gr. A16, A30, A65 Flat
1 Felt disc DFV Piano

Innovative system to achieve exceptional finishes using different products with a single fixing system and a single machine. Removal of tig welding, scratch removal and mirror polishing in a few passes.
With ceramic abrasive, tig welding is removed.
With Trizact ™, a superior finish is achieved to prepare the surface for the mirror polish obtained with the felt. It is essential to use an angle grinder with the correct number of revolutions. We recommend our grinder SME:.

Hook and Loop System Kit for High Quality Finishes

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