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Thanks to the resistant PET film support, the abrasive is evenly sprinkled, guaranteeing resistance for use on the edges and corners and a smooth, scratch-free finish even in the finest grain. The life of tear-off discs on film GREEN POWER it is much longer than the classic abrasive disk on paper, thanks both to the film support and to an anti-clogging layer contained in the resin of the product; in case of use with very clogging products often using a blast of compressed air it is possible to resume using the disk. Ideal for preparation for finishing surfaces with fillers, primers and varnishes. For sanding of polyester, acrylic and gel coat paints. For the finishing of all types of metal and stainless steel. For sanding composite materials.

On request: grits 100, 150, 220, 280, 800 and without holes.

Available Grains:

Film Backed Hook and Loop Discs
1508 + 6 + 10,740,690,690,690,690,690,690,69-----100

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