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With the same tool you can use:
- Cloth flap wheels (to be used at maximum speed)
- Non-woven and mixed wheels (at 2400 rpm)
- Vitrified wheels and bench resinoids
- Circular brushes in steel wire
- Discs for unitized finishing
- Cotton or sisal discs (to be used at low speed)

Powerful straight grinder (1.600 Watt) that combines a solid mechanical construction with an advanced electronic speed variator, adjustable from 1600 to 4800 rpm. With the same machine it is possible to carry out grinding and polishing operations, adapting the speed to the type of operation to be performed, to the material to be processed, to the size of the abrasive to be mounted.

Potenza N ° Idle revolutions Sizes Ø Max Weight Tree
1.600 watts 1.600 4.800 566x80x96mm 165 3,4 Kg M14 / 16mm €512,87
straight grinder with flap wheels
straight grinder with cotton discs
straight grinder with non-woven fabric
straight grinder with wire brushes
straight grinder with wheels 100x100

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