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The most efficient way to sand walls, plastered walls and ceilings.
Get the job done much faster, with less effort and a better result, with the comfort of healthier sanding thanks to dust extraction.

With its 4 meters of hose you can move comfortably keeping the machine connected to the vacuum cleaner. The suction sends less dust into the air, the abrasive clogs less and works better and longer, the work environment is healthier and cleaner.
- The pivot abrasive head follows the contours of the job, allowing for a burr-free finish
- The speed is variable from 650 to 1600 rpm, so it can be adapted to the different surfaces to be worked and abrasive or polishing products to be used.
- The velcro attachment of the discs allows you to change the disc easily and in a few seconds
- Great time savings thanks to the reduction of scaffolding required
- Less effort, the machine is balanced to work with excellent balance and feet firmly planted on the ground

Wall Sander Machine
Potenza N ° Idle revolutions Length Ø Max Weight
550 watts 650-1.600 / min 154 cm 225 mm 4,5 Kg

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