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NTC: Aggressive sanding, controlled deburring, cleaning of welds, strong satin finishing of stainless steel edges. Suitable for working in the presence of small burrs and edges, it does not heat the processed surfaces and lasts long.

NTC wrapped wheels ideal for light deburring, pickling, masking of previous marks, satin finishing on edges or small details.
Thanks to their characteristics, they are suitable for processing titanium alloys, stainless steels, various steels and alloys that would be damaged by the action of a highly heat-generating or too hard and aggressive on the profiles abrasive. Used for the finishing of turbine blades, for the cleaning of micro castings and gears.
It is VERY IMPORTANT to follow the direction of rotation because the wheel is made up of layers of non-woven fabric wrapped around the core and can flake and break when using it in the opposite direction.
- Constant finish and long life
- Open construction resistant to clogging
- Resists contact with burrs and sharp edges

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Convolute Wheels

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