The satin finishing of stainless steel is a procedure that allows to remove the scratches from a metal surface and get one satin finish. It usually occurs through the use of a lamellar wheel mounted on a manual satinizing machine.

Obtaining a uniform surface on stainless steel may not always be an immediate operation. When a traditional lamellar wheel is used it is necessary to pay close attention to the way in which the passages take place on the work surface.

How do I get a uniform satin surface?                   

In order to obtain a satin surface uniformly and effortlessly it is possible to use the lamellar spiral wheels. Thanks to the innovative patented system and their spiral surface they allow the operator to work the surface faster and with a professional result. The peculiarity of these rollers is that the scratches are removed without leaving on surface the signs of recovery of the wheel and allowing you to have a finish without overlaps.

Spiral lamellar wheels: NSM and NSL. Which to choose?

For this type of machining we recommend the wheels NSM e NSL di Rosver Abrasives, available respectively in 100 × 100 and 110 × 100 sizes. The NSM mixed wheels are made of non-woven fabric combined with sheets of abrasive paper. They are usually used for the first steps on steel and already allow to obtain an aesthetically valid result. The NSL wheels are instead made exclusively in non-woven fabric and are typically used to finish stainless steel and give a satin finish to the material.

For the use of lamellar wheels we recommend the manual satin finishing machine SMD Fast Grinder.