How are abrasives used? And how are they kept?

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Abrasive Rosver

How to use abrasives correctly? As with any other work tool, even those who use abrasives must comply with safety rules. Before starting to work it is necessary to inquire about the characteristics of the same and the risks that occur during use. Both small artisans and factories that make industrial use of it must follow the instructions on the instrument used. Each instrument has its own characteristics, so it is always advisable to check the usage requirements even when we use a similar product. Respecting these rules is essential for working safely and preventing unpleasant accidents.

Work safely: regulations and indications

In any company that produces or transforms goods, as required by law, operators are required to comply with the safety regulations prescribed by their company, taking into account the risks to which one is subjected (as reported in the DVR of each company, according to Legislative Decree 81 / 08) and Individual Protection Devices (DPI) which are required during each processing. Depending on the type of work performed, it may be necessary to wear work gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, leather aprons, headphones or ear plugs. The correct use of PPE is fundamental to safeguard the health of workers and to avoid accidents in the workplace.

Safety pictograms

The safety pictograms provide information on the correct use of the products through explanatory images. The pictograms with a black background impose the use of the pictured PPE, while those barred by a red prohibition sign represent recommendations to avoid problems.

Safety pictograms

It is highly recommended to pay particular attention to the safety instructions before starting the abrasion work. It is also essential to follow the safety instructions on the products (wear protections, maximum revolutions per minute supported, etc.).

How to store the abrasives

The correct storage of products

The storage of abrasives is equally important for safety purposes. Given the presence of some organic components (such as resin) it is advisable to keep the abrasive instruments following the recommended rules. A properly maintained abrasive is an abrasive that is safer and lasts longer.

In order to maintain the products and their performances unaltered, it is necessary to follow appropriate conservation measures. The ideal conditions for storing abrasives are from 18 ° to 22 ° C and relative humidity from 45-60%. It is advisable to avoid subjecting the products to sudden changes in temperature and humidity. Do not place the products in direct contact with the floor and / or heat sources.

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